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Originally #452 built 5/8/08, this is a re-purposed chassis mounted in a new cabinet shop mistake; the piping or the cloth, I don't remember which. It has a new RGH/Reaper speaker, a new ClassicTone output transformer, added tremolo and new face plate. A sweet deal can be had here, friends and neighbors...only $1299 & Shipping. Full Warranty

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This Goodsell will be for sale at the end of this month when Geoff Achison's US tour is over (photo from Eddie’s Attic). Custom 33 Mk IV w/ Reverb and Tremolo including two British Celestions (1 Heritage, 1 Anniversary). Talk to Richard about special pricing on this exceptional 2x12 Custom 33.

Write to Richard with any questions.

For Sales/Info: Goodsell Electric Instrument Co., LLC 
1841-M Marietta Blvd Atlanta, GA 30318

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