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I get to build about four of these per year.  Maple cabinetry furnished by, chassis is a chrome steel version of the venerable Super 17 MkIV, characterized by it's 3-way tone stack, reverb, tremolo, and tone that has been described in the press as "desert island" (cliche, but true in this case) and "the best-sounding, most versatile 112 combo..."  Power comes from a carefully-matched pair of EL84s with an NOS RCA 5V4 rectifier to tune the plate voltage to that sweet spot where tone meets reliability.

The maple cabinet, .50" with a natural satin finish, features dove-tail joinery and is slightly larger than a stock 17 in the absence of the 5E3's gentle slope. A flush-mount soft-glow LED logo adorns the front panel which is about a half-inch wider than normal.  The floating plywood baffle board is nearly twice as thick as the standard model, supporting a WGS ET90 speaker chosen to compliment the properties of the maple box, which are articulate, crisp, spanky tones on a Tele bridge pickup, and with humbuckers there is meat with brilliant note definition that invites excessive volume.  Of course being a Super 17 it can always be clean and docile if that's what the situation calls for.  A truly special version of an already special amplifier.
$2,495 + $40 Shipping


THIS ITEM WILL SHIP ON OR AFTER MAY 9th... Because it is on a 3-week run with my favorite Aussie, Geoff Achison.  He comes to the States semi-annually and for each visit I build him a new amp. (See video below)  Way too much hassle to take to or from Oz, I sell them when he's done and build him another when he comes back.

This amp is ostensibly a Black Dog 50, though it has been modded (actually I just built it this way) to the Model 1958 spec that has the polite demeanor and requisite horsepower that Geoff needs.  There's a video here that is from his last visit this past fall, so you can get a feel for how he breaks in each one I make for him.  In addition to being a monster guitar virtuoso, he is a singer-songwriter, so his venues are low-impact in terms of equipment needs.  He travels with only the amp and two guitars.  Most of his travel is by car.

Technically speaking, this amp is powered by a pair of cathode-biased EL34s, powered by a relatively tame 5U4GB rectifier tube, for about 32 watts.  This 212 features the classic speaker pairing of a Vintage 30 with a 70th Anniversary G12H, for added character, personality, and texture.  The amp itself is already quite lively harmonically.  Included is a drooling, dripping wet reverb - wettest I ever made - so the fun never stops.  This amp will go toe-to-toe with ANY boutique 212 in the 30-40 watt bracket, and it has the famous Goodsell Lifetime Warranty, limited only by my lifetime.

Please note that I am entertaining OFFERS, so don't be put off by the price - even though it would be competitive for $1000 more.  It won't be exactly new, so here's a chance to lock it well below the regular price.  Let me hear from you.  Questions welcomed. 
$2,950 + $75 Shipping

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