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After months of fooling around with different ingredients, I believe I have come up with a Super 17 that: approaches the "lunchbox" category, sells for under $1000, made entirely in the USA, and perhaps most important - has an LED-illuminated logo. Only 12 lbs, 18x8x7". It has the MkIV pre-amp with treble, mid, and bass controls. No verb or trem, just simple and pure. They will not be ready in time for Christmas, but should start shipping before 12/31/14. The first five people who pay pal me $999 will receive a new OD2 pedal that ships right away and free shipping on the head as soon as it is ready. I can ONLY do five like this, no mods or options. It will enter official production after the NAMM show…

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Check with us about available cabinets.

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Write to Richard with any questions.

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