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Brand New - assembly completed on 1/11/16.  
Yes, the Goodsell Super 17 Mark 2 is alive and well in 2016.  Actually, it never went anywhere - hundreds have been made to order since the III and IV, but this one was made for no one in particular.  It's strictly original, made just like the first ones in 2005, with gain/tone/volume/reverb, AND it's the same price as it was more than ten years ago.  Tons of reviews and videos on this particular model if you're not already acquainted.  
Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking, Richard $1699.00 Plus Shipping

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I've got something a little different - a 5F6A replica! It's says "Goodsell" on the front, but under the hood it's all Leo - no mods,  just a new Goodsell amp with legendary customer service and warranty... and it's a '59 Bassman, 40 watts w/ 4 Veteran 10s. $1687.42 plus Shipping

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That's right folks, you heard correctly - 1x15" Jensen C15N, in a narrow-panel tweed Pro enclosure.  Left here nearly two years ago as a 33, but customer decided he wanted a head and I accommodated him, leaving this 115 cab behind as an orphan; a sad story indeed, until now...I'm combining chassis and cabinets to make complete amps that are easier to count and valuate.  So this 115 has a BRAND NEW chassis installed - 3-knobber with reverb - which is easier to count than the sum of it's parts.  Under other circumstances, one might call it a Frankenstein, but since I built it the first time and the second time, I alone have the power to anoint it as a genuine factory Super 17. 15" Jensen is surprisingly lively and not at all dark, but with a Danelectro baritone it becomes a rig to build a band around.  Strats and other single coils just sing, but you also get smooth humbucker tone as well.  No reason not to do this - you won't find this recipe anywhere else…$1195.00 Plus Shipping

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